Reality shows.

Who doesnt love them?


I’ve just finished watching another episode of Project Runway 4 and in my opinion, it’s really one cool show! Its not that im really into fashion or anything, but everytime its on,it’ll keep me glued to it throughout. So it set me thinking,why am i attracted to it?

Initially i thought i was drawn to the challenges they’ve been put up to. Seeing them show off their creativity under pressure.Since every clothing they create is to be done in given, the most 2 days?

But i realised i was wrong.

I was actually drawn to how the participants slowly reveal their true selfs as time pass and when competition heats up.What makes it interesting is how the show ‘s editors usually choose one of the competitors as the ‘lucky’ one to be the bad guy once he says/acts rudely more than a few times.Poor him.Why do i pity him you say?

They focus in on him when the show starts to turn dull and cut away most of the good deeds and things he say,showing only the criticism and scrutiny that he’ve done to others. Next, they’ll show what the other people have to say about him. Some even talk about how his words actually cut them. These magnifies his differences or flaws and you start hating him.Next thing you know, you watch every episode hoping to see how this has progressed. Haha. True? Who knows,off set he may be an active volunteer and the one who often help old people across roads. Okay la, that’s just me saying the extreme. (:

The real competition aside,reality shows aren’t as real as they appear to be. We viewers are only interested to know what’s happening in other people’s life and laugh off when we know there’s someone worst off them us.

Kay, i’m not very sure if people get what im writing. Ha. (: