ARGHH.I’ve been plagued by sickness again.

I went to visit the doctor today and just 5minutes of consultation costed $26.

‘ no fried,spicy,oily food ‘

‘rest well and drink alot of water ok? ‘

‘oh ya, do you need MC for today? ‘

‘er, i have no school today.’

‘huh? why? today is not a public holiday what.’

‘ haha, im studying in a Poly now. we don’t have fixed schedules.’

‘HUH, you’re not studying in Sppring.. spring what field secondary meh?’

Guess the specs he’s wearing isn’t helping alot.Hello? Obviously we’re not allowed to dye our hair in secondary school! :X

I was feeling real sluggish today.But i wasn’t able to sleep well because of the nagging pain inside my throat. All I could do was to drown myself with plenty of water. Parents always tell us to drink 8 cups of water a day to stay healthy. Water is so essential since our body is made up of like 70% of it?

I googled to confirm and boy I got more than i searched for.

[…Every life giving and healing process that happens inside our body… happens with water. In just the last decade medical science has begun to focus more on the tremendous healing ability our body has and how much that ability depends on water. Our body instinctively knows how and strives to sustain youthful longevity, and in its every effort… water is the key.

The human body is made up of over 70% water. Our blood is more than 80%, our brain … over 75%, and the human liver is an amazing 96% water! ] – from

After reading, i feel so dehydrated maybe because I’ve never drunk 8 cups of water in a day before? I mean, when our body gets overly dehydrated, the system just shuts down and we don’t feel thirsty. So naturally, I don’t crave for plain water. Afterall,even if i really want to get a drink,I’ll go for flavoured drinks like 7-up,lemon tea instead. Unknowingly, these drinks have already replaced the position of healthy plain water in my life.

So peeps, Drink up (plain water Not flavoured drinks) for a healthier You! Or you’ll end up sneezing away like me. 😦

PS: sorry if the picture irks you. hahas 🙂