TIME: 1.40am. And I know I can’t possibly sleep well if i don’t get something done.

so Ta-Da! Im here blogging.

I’ve just been thinking about some stuff lately.

Few days back, I took a long journey home from school. Just as the bus approached a stop near a neighbourhood Primary school, they caught my eye. Sitting along the pavements outside 7-eleven, the three boys were happily chatting away. As I looked down from the double deck, somehow I was drawn to their innocence. They were just popping ice creams into their mouths,talking about whatever that is but they seemed happy.

Those boys reminded me of my primary school days..where we found everything so easy for us to forgive and even forget.Chat a whole lot with someone whom we don’t even know but don’t really bother..so we could hopefully have a companion for recess. All that, ” don’t friend you! ” ( minutes later ) ” k la, I friend you back. haha, remember? Fond memories indeed. [Boy, I sound as if I’m so old..]

Humans just grow to be more complex uh? Everything don’t appear simple in our eyes anymore.As we enter into the world,politics;jealousy;competition;pride and all that you can think of comes into place. We’ll find it harder to ‘friend you back’ and forgive because we’ll be so busy harnessing the open wound,thinking there’s more to it than just this. Like how often Hong Kong Drama would portray about how old time buddies become enemies down the road because of some stupid misunderstandings.Well, I guess I’ll never really understand how our mind thinks and how its perceiving things. How I wish someone invented a restart button that can be inserted into our brains. Everyone can then easily erase anything bad and live a simple life,how I wished. Too bad, this is life (: