The SiChuan earthquake.

It brings so much terror to the people’s heart.

The death toll was estimated to be about 50,000. I can’t even imagine being there,seeing all the dead bodies lying around.

Everywhere in the news, Tv are all parents,children and relatives.

There was this particular mother that truely showed what love was all about.Buried inside the debris, she used her body as a covering to protect her baby. with bended kneels and hands supporting the weight, she couldn’t care less about her survival. In the end, when the rescue teams found her, she was found dead whereas the baby was soundly asleep,unhurt. The touching part was that they found a handphone with a text message in Chinese saying ‘ If you’re alive, know that even if mommy is not here, I still love you. ‘ yup, the message went some sort like that.As for the other parents, most of them went ahead to identify their children’s schoolbags and since that day on, they would carry the bags to the site hoping that one day, their kids will be found,alive.

Just by reading about all these stories makes my heart aches. I guess the sudden lost of a kin,further more their only child,due to China’s one child policy, must be too hard for them to bear.

After this incident, I realised everything can be so unpredictable. One minute you’re studying in school, next, you’re crushed under heavyweight debris and found dead. so friends,treasure every moment you have with your loved ones.

‘live life to the fullest because you’ll never know what tomorrow will bring.’