for a moment, i thought i was going to lose my fare money back in the noon. The bus let out an irritating siren and so it went,slower and slower..(crawling in the middle of the road) But then again, it made a turn to the side. Strangely, this reminded me of once when I was singing on the bus back to my friend’s house and how she claimed that if I dared to sing another time, the bus would stop.

Guess she was right. just when i wanted to prove her wrong,the bus’s engine ran into some problems so the bus stopped and it had to regenerate again haha!

Nonetheless, these experiences never dampens my love for bus rides.

Don’t you enjoy the journey home alone where you have a book or just pluck in some music to accompany along? I’ll always let my mind go blank and just well I don’t know, do nothing. (: If im in a company of friends,usually we’ll be doing some mindless stuff. I won’t ever forget that time when we were on our way back to school from tampines mall. The bus was so crowded but thank God we’ve got seats. Who would have thought that when we were about to alight,my friend farted (sounds included)! She kept quiet and I laughed. Ended up,the malay guy infront turned and look at me with fingers pinching his nose,” busou la! “. I was like, hey mister.. im innocent!

Whatever it is, i still think bus rides are always interesting.hmm, blogging this makes me think of my budds. , miss them loads! (yes, I Strongly agree that girls really enjoy camwhoring in toilets 😛 )

This is my last post so i’m writing really short,random stuff here. (sorry mr leslie! hee.)

k lastly, check out the COOLEST hairdo secretly shot on bus:

too-de-loo peeps!