• Susan calmly walked towards Lis and told her she has been admired by all these while. ‘What’s his name?’ Lis gushed and asked. Just as she waits on, Susan gripped her by the waist and hugged her tight. “It’s not a he, it’s a she.” She replied, stroking Lis’s hair.
  • Ann sat breathless on the sofa as he got closer to her. With jaggered nails and eyeballs that were on the verge of falling ,he was coming to get her. ‘ BANG!’ Ann fired her last shot and he vanished into thin air.

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  • He has been living with the family for twenty years. Portraying a protective father to them and a loving husband to her, he was dearly loved. But what they did not know was, he was not Him. Till today, his true identity still reminds hidden underneath an undiscovered plastered skin.
  • Sitting inside the train, a girl with luscious locks caught Jon’s eye. Standing a feet away, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Suddenly, Jon’s heart fluttered as she looked towards his direction and waved . ”She reciprocated!” He thought ,only to hear the lady beside shouting “ Christine!
  • Two guys wanted to prove who was the best so they challenged themselves to a test of endurance. Hanging on to the bar, none let go. “This is childish, we could go on forever.” One said. The other replied “ Like duh, maybe because we’re standing on the ground? ”