hey people, my name’s Eunice and im currently in FMS’s Digital Visual Effects (DVFX).

class: T1DB

student ID: s10062198h

alright, so we’re told to write up a wee bit about ourself on this page titled, ABOUT ME.So yup,here goes.

I stay around the East side of singapore (ok i know, its far.),so every morning i have to drag myself out of bed and take a 1.5hr bus ride over to NP.Thankfully,i’ve not overslept and miss classes,YET. (: oh ya, i totally hate sea cucumbers and flying roaches,don’t know why. Lols! I get Writer’s Block like Most of the time since sec school,so i do take quite awhile to write things up.Unless, inspiration comes in. When im really free, i love gazing up the skies cause i think it really calms the mind down. kay, that’s abit about me. Hope you didnt find it boring.

Have a great day! (: