1 )The man escaped into the dense forest,unknown to greater dangers he was about to face.

2 )Lying still on the bed,Beth forced herself to sleep. But she knows the figure is still lurking in her room.Or could it be just her imagination?

3 )Savoring every bits of leftovers on his plate, he knows this will be his last.

4 )From the corner of her eye, she knew they were watching her every move.

5 )He’s done it Again.

6 ) ‘ Sam! I’ve found out something about Jill I think you should know.’

7 ) Birthdays. They no longer hold much significance in Jane’s life ever since his death.

8 ) The kids have been in there for the past ten hours. Finally, the red lights of the operation room went off.As the doors slowly opened, all he could do was to hope for the best.

9 ) ‘ Anyone home?’

‘Hello…? Is this the Smiths family?’

Disheartened by the empty respond, Sandy placed the parcel on the porch and decided to leave. Just as she was about to take her first step, the door creaked open..

10 ) Gen knew it was wrong from the start. But she has gotten in too deep to think about the consequences. The feeling was like poison she found hard to resist.

11 ) ‘ I have the ability to read minds.’

12 ) Zen was walking through the alley when it happened. The shop houses turned into mist. For every step he made, faint footsteps followed. And when he turned back, there was no one but a pair of red heels.