#1: Mo NI

address: blk 263 waterloo st #07-218

Whenever Im home at night, i always noticed my neighbour’s gate would open at around 8plus.Well, all i know about them is that, they’re Malaysians. This was what my parents told me whenever they bumped into each other every morning.

Tonight, i hear the gates unlocking again. After noticing this trend for the past few days, i know he’ll be coming out of the house anytime soon.So I went and sat near my door but of course, i hid myself well. It would be very awkward if he sees me spying on him . He’s out! Seemingly in his early 30s,he looked nothing but average,with hair length comparable to Titus’s except he had side swept fringe. I always get the impression of him working indoors because of his fair complexion.Who knows? He may be working in a nearby factory stamping labels. Decked in a white singlet and checkered boxes revealing hairy legs, he walks out towards the corridor. Taking out a cigrette stick from his marbolo pack, he lit it and took a few puffs. All he did was to stare up at the sky and down at the carpark.

After the past 10 minutes, there wasn’t much commotion going on. Just him, standing under the dim yellow lights occasionally ruffling his hand through his hair.And me, trying to swipe away every smell of smoke that was coming my way. His face didn’t revealed any expression but i could tell that he was deep in thoughts.His actions spelled EMO (minus the slit wrist)haha. For that moment, I started to have this idea that he may be missing home.I mean come on,every foreigner gets homesick right? Afterall, its obvious he’s only living with a few of his pals.There were no kids,women,old people in sight whenever i passed by his house. But if that’s not the case, i guess he’s really just vexed.Thinking to himself ‘ Why is Singapore so stressed de wor? I must work harder to earn more money! ‘

Finally,he took his last puff before littering it down from the 11th floor and went back in. What a litter bug.

#2: lee see tee

add:blk 151 bishan st 11 #04-187

Why is it that everywhere we go, its Forever so scotching Hot? (especially in the noon.) How i wished Singapore Snows. Well, i decided to avoid the sun while waiting for my friends so i went over to find some shade at Mr bean’s. Sipping on my grass jelly drink, I looked on at the crowd coming in and out of Simei Mrt.

The weird thing was,as i was looking for my next subject admist the crowd; he was not among them. Along the steps out of the Mrt station, a man barely reaching the height of 1m stood at the side, i guess they’re usually known as Midgets? No offense or whatever but yup. He’s a chinese man with bushy mustache,dark complexion and well, a neat haircut. His style was simple, just a plain grey tee and olive coloured bermudas.He had along with him a trolley bag stuffed full of tissues i guess,since he was holding on to packets of tissues. Weariness was written all over his face, with his hands resting on his trolley he wasn’t doing much talking.All he did was to look on at the crowd,occasionally adjusting his blue sling bag around his body. I realised nobody actually noticed his presence the whole time he was there. The same goes for me, i didn’t even know there was someone standing at the sidesteps on my way out.

Maybe he’s mute,deaf? Because he wasn’t making any effort to sell. For the whole half hour, the packets of tissues didn’t leave his hand. It must be boring, doing the same routine everyday. Maybe he’s doing this to earn a living for himself or to support his family,if he has one.But seriously,selling tissues and actually think that most Singaporeans would buy without him approaching? Sad to say, we’re not as sympathetic and kind as we imagine ourselves to be.

Soon after when all my friends have arrived, I packed up and decided to left Mr Bean’s. Just as i was walking, we crossed paths. I didn’t expect him to ‘close shop’ so soon.Well, maybe he’s going other places where its more crowded? Anyway, when i got close,I noticed he was indeed quite puny and he walked in a penguin liked manner. When he smiled back at one of those uncles who loiters around often, crow’s feet appeared. So, i assume he’s probably in his late 30s or early 40s. You know, the typical Uncle look.

‘what would character A do to provoke character B to an extreme action? ‘

Mo Ni and See Tee used to work together in the same bank near changi road.
Often after work on tuesdays, they would visit the Spa around the vicinity to relax. As buddy-like as they may be, See Tee was secretly jealous of Mo Ni’s recent promotion of becoming the Marketing Manager.

Halfway through their treatment, See Tee congratulated Mo Ni in a sacrastic tone.

Mo: ‘thanks, but your voice didnt seem sincere.’

See: ‘oh you noticed. you must have told Mr Hu to Touch you, touch you right? since like, your name’s already proven my point. ‘